3D-printing and modeling according to your needs
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Due to threat of coronavirus we are not accepting plastic for the time being!

We will inform when we can accept plastic again.

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We are starting to produce our own filaments soon, along with recycling of waste material! Stay tuned!

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Limitations of 3D printing

The printing service has certain physical limitations that should be taken into consideration:

  1. We currently have 3 printers to use: Raise 3D n2+, Flashforge Creator pro2016 & Flashforge Finder 3D
  2. Max size of model is 310x310x600mm.
  3. The item will be printed with one material at a time.
  4. It's impossible to print on top of nothing, sometimes it will be mandatory to use a support
    which will increase the use of material and therefore, the cost. Small amounts of printing without support may not be a problem thanks to the "bridge" effect.

What is 3D printing?

The purpose of 3D Printing is to provide hobbyists and other individuals and companies with an affordable and high-quality 3D printing service. On our website you will find information about the services, as well as what you should know before contacting us.

The information is based on know-how, experience of more than 3 years and the pages are updated all the time with information about prints, prices and other features.

All our printers are FFF / FDM printers, meaning the material is extruded from the hot print head onto the substrate layer by layer until the piece is completely printed. The hot material fuses with the lower layer to form a unitary body according to the instructions and coordinates entered on the printer bed.

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Business hours:

Mon-Fri      13-20

Sat              14-18

Sun             closed

Online        24/7

Accepted payment methods

At our store we also accept

  • Cash

  • Bill

  • most common credit and debit cards

Offer request

Please leave your contact information so we can contact you as soon as possible.

Sending an offer request is free and doesn't bind you to anything.

Printing livestream

For an extra fee of 10€ you can follow the printing of your item in real time! We will send you a link that you can access the stream with and watch it on computer or mobile device!

All of our materials are premium quality which guarantees the best durability

All of our materials are premium quality and we have chosen them with care from our importer to ensure the best end result for you.

Here you will find professionals of the field

We have professionals who know the secrets of 3D printing.

Most of our products are made from ecological PLA material

Almost all of our products are made from a mixture of corn starch & sugar cane
based polylactic plastic that is durable and also biodegradable.

Versatile planning and implementation with the customer

We've always considered the customer's wishes and needs which
is why we are in contact in every phase of printing.
From the idea ->
 to creating the 3D model ->
into a complete product.

Swift work without lowering quality

We own some of the industry's best printers with FDM technology alongside
with powerful PC's and software which is why our service is not
only fast but also high-quality.

Our largest printer, Raise 3D n2+ can print up to 310x310x600mm at once!

Our fastest works have been made & left for delivery in under 12 hours.

We will inform separately in case of a congestion.

You can find the most competent prices for your product at Viikinkikone

We try to offer our customers the best bang for the buck.

Prices are based on the amount of material and working hours plus printing hours.

We also offer Viikinkikone credit with up to 2 months of payment time without any fees.

Installments with 0% interest rate for up to 4 months!

You only pay 10€ handling fee as a one-off.