About us

What is Viikinkikone?

Viikinkikone is a 3D technology specialist located in Finland's Southern Savonia who has carried out people's projects and dreams since 2017.

Aboard the firm are experts who are dedicated to implement almost anything, globally.

Where did it all begin?

"The idea came from a need for 3D printing from my own project, that a finished product of was nowhere to be found. After hours upon hours of searching almost everywhere I found that the prices are simply way too high and delivery times too long.

I decided to research how to produce that project myself, and after studying some more I acquired my first printer, with which I printed that item. From that started a burning passion for the world of 3D printing, which is still alive after years.

Everything we do here is done with eagerness and love. It shows in our design work and our products."

- Jonne Väisänen, CEO of Viikinkikone

What is our objective?

Our objective is to make your dreams come true, with ease and at a price easy on the wallet without compromising quality.

Our many years of experience gives us the needed proficiency to offer you versatile help from product design up to the finished product, on a turnkey principle.